With about a month to go until the first set of NYDFS’s cybersecurity rules go into effect (on August 28, 2017), we are proud to announce the formal launch of the Davis Polk Cyber Breach Center.  The blog will help you keep pace with industry best practices and be aware of your company’s cybersecurity obligations, including those relating to the NYDFS rules.  Aside from posts about developments in cybersecurity, the blog includes information about our Data Breach Notification Resource Portal.  This Portal allows clients to quickly assess their cyber breach notification obligations under all 48-state law regimes, as well as various federal notification statutes, by answering a series of questions.  A video demonstration of our Portal, which is currently in beta testing, is available upon request.

Read the full post about the NYDFS cybersecurity rules and the launch of Davis Polk’s Cyber Breach Center here.