In the run up to the August recess, the Senate confirmed 76 of President Trump’s nominees last week, including a handful of senior personnel at various financial regulatory agencies. As we continue to track personnel changes at these agencies, we have updated our brief deck summarizing the leadership and staffing changes at the financial regulators with the new names and faces of those confirmed and recently nominated.

On the horizon for the Senate’s return in September are a handful of key pending nominations, including Joseph Otting to be Comptroller of the Currency, Randal Quarles to be the Vice Chair for Supervision at the Federal Reserve Board, Hester Peirce to be a commissioner of the SEC and Dawn Stump to be a commissioner of the CFTC. In addition, a number of key leadership positions at the financial regulators remain empty and awaiting a nominee from the President, including a nominee to replace Martin Gruenberg as Chair of the FDIC as well as another director of that agency, two Federal Reserve Board governors, the deputy secretary and an under secretary of the Treasury and two commissioners of the SEC. Continue to watch this space for updates upon the Senate’s return after Labor Day.