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The Federal Reserve has issued updated FAQs regarding its money market mutual fund liquidity facility (MMLF), modifying the FAQs issued on March 21.

For more information on the MMLF, please see our memorandum and blog post describing the original MMLF announced on March 18, our blog post describing
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The Federal Reserve’s creation of a Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) follows the announcement of a Commercial Paper Funding Facility, which we discussed earlier this week, and represents a continuation of the Federal Reserve’s use of its “unusual and exigent” powers to help during the current crisis. For
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On January 30, 2020, the Federal Reserve Board, OCC, FDIC, SEC and CFTC (the Agencies) proposed amendments to the covered fund provisions of the Volcker Rule. The proposed amendments address long-standing concerns with the over-broad definition of covered fund, the treatment of foreign funds (both public and private), and the
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In a welcome move, two recent actions by the Federal Reserve, OCC and FDIC (the Banking Agencies) recognize the increasing role of fund complexes and passive investing.  The Banking Agencies have released a statement under the Federal Reserve’s Regulation O which acknowledges the reality that equity mutual funds may sometimes
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In a step forward for the digital transformation of banking and partnerships between banks and FinTechs, the FDIC released proposed changes to its brokered deposit regulations in late December 2019. The proposed changes are designed to update the regulatory framework as much as possible within the constraints of the existing
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The Financial Stability Oversight Council’s (FSOC) recently revised guidelines (the 2019 Guidelines) on how it will identify and address financial stability risks are a major shift from the guidelines it issued in the immediate aftermath of the Financial Crisis.  The 2019 Guidelines draw upon lessons learned from
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The Federal Reserve has finalized its rules to further tailor the regulatory framework for enhanced prudential standards and the U.S. Basel III capital and liquidity requirements applicable to domestic banking organizations and foreign banking organizations (Final Tailoring Rules).  Compared to the proposed rules that the U.S. banking agencies
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The Federal Reserve, OCC, FDIC, SEC and CFTC adopted final amendments on July 9, 2019 implementing the small-bank exclusion and name-sharing provisions of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (EGRRCPA). The final amendments modify the definition of “insured depository institution” and also permit a covered
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The Federal Reserve has requested comment on a highly anticipated notice of proposed rulemaking to amend its regulatory framework for deciding when a company exercises a controlling influence over another company under the Bank Holding Company Act and the Home Owners’ Loan Act.

The proposal is a welcome step in
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The Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC (the Banking Agencies) recently published a proposal to increase the thresholds associated with the “major assets” prohibition governing management official interlocks contained in the Depository Institutions Management Interlocks Act (DIMIA)[1] and implemented by Regulation L.  DIMIA permits the Banking Agencies to raise the
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