Community Reinvestment Act

The CRA was put in place over 40 years ago and bears the heavy hand of the woeful history of redlining upon any attempt to change it. But, it is long overdue for a rethink, especially in light of the major changes that have taken place in the banking sector,
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Financial services regulatory reform in 2018 is complex and evolving. To assist in navigating this landscape, we have prepared a reference tool that provides context and summarizes current developments across a range of key regulatory areas, agencies and actors.  We will continue to track these issues and provide updated versions
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The OCC’s recent revision to its Community Reinvestment Act examination and ratings policies is a welcome first step in a long overdue and much needed rethink of how supervisors might modernize the CRA so that the statutory goal of helping underbanked communities can be met in the digital era.  The
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