The CFTC’s swap reporting rules, which were among the first swap rules finalized after Dodd-Frank, have also been among the most technically difficult for the industry to implement.  Regulatory and market participants agree that these technical difficulties have resulted in poor quality and inconsistent swap data, impeding the goal of
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Few have embraced President Trump’s Executive Order on Core Principles for Regulating the U.S. Financial System as swiftly and decisively as CFTC Acting Chair Christopher Giancarlo. His Project KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid, announced within weeks of the Executive Order, is an agency-wide internal review focused on simplifying
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On the heels of his nomination by President Trump to be Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Commissioner Giancarlo delivered a noteworthy speech outlining his vision for the agency.  He signaled a significant change in direction for the CFTC, refocusing the agency on its core missions—“to foster open, transparent,
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CFTC Chairman Timothy Massad announced this week that he will be stepping down on January 20. Commissioner J. Christopher Giancarlo, who is the sole Republican currently serving on the Commission, will take over on at least an interim basis.

During his term as a CFTC commissioner, Mr. Giancarlo has published
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